About me

I’m a high school Science teacher with a passion for adventure, travel, and the outdoors. I grew up hiking and camping (Thanks Mom and Dad), which undoubtedly contributed to my love of nature.  I love learning and making new discoveries about the world around me. My favourite thing to teach is Biology and the Natural Sciences and I try to share my passion for nature and the outdoors with my students.  I have been wanting to start a blog for quite a while now so here we go!

I wanted to write about some of my own experiences as well as create a space for sharing ideas about adventures, hikes, and back country trips that lie somewhere outside many peoples’ comfort zones and that may not be on every tourist’s/hiker’s list or even radar.  I hope you’ll join me by providing your feedback and sharing your stories and experiences. If you’re looking for suggestions for places to visit, hikes to undertake, how to go about spending several days backpacking with the right equipment, and how to get there, this is the place for you.

And if you’re new to trekking and the back country world, I hope that this blog will inspire you to give it a shot and to venture beyond the ordinary (and past the places where most tourists hang out:). See you out there!

“The mountains are calling and I must go” – John Muir

View of the mountains heading up to Ribbon Lake from Ribbon Falls, Kananskis Country, Alberta, Canada